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Star Citizen Hurricane – New heavy fighter

Has our demand for more dakka found its answer?

Anvil Hurricane in black and yellow

The new heavy fighter was revealed on Friday, it is the Anvil Hurricane!

A small ship that packs a big punch!

Described as a glass cannon, it delivers what the description implies. Weighing in at  15,500kg, it is 7000kg lighter than the Super Hornet. This metric confused many at most because it is not heavy at all and is actually smaller in length as you can see by this side by side comparison:

Star Citizen Hurricane vs Super Hornet

The heavy part of this fighter comes from the impressive weaponry that has been bolted onto the manned turret which holds an impressive four size 3 weapon slots. That turret alone carries more firepower than most of the current ships. Add to that the two size 4’s on the nose and you get roughly 1600DPS worth of pain rained down on your enemies.

Hurricane manned turret shredding a Glaive


While we wait for the Q&A from CIG to answer more questions on the Hurricane, conjecture at the moment is that due to the small power plant, this ship will rely on ballistic weapons. In addition, the only way to fully utilize all the weapons will require a second crew member, so no jumping into the cockpit at flying solo with this glass cannon!

Here is a short video with some thoughts and more angles on the latest fighter from CIG:


This concept sale will run until March 6th, as such the ship does come with LTI.

Want a Super Hornet with LTI?

You can buy the Hurricane for $160, then buy a cross chassis upgrade for $5. This will allow you to swap out you Hurricane with LTI into a Super Hornet with LTI any time you wish. Visit the ship upgrade link that follows, be aware this option will end on March 6th: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ship-upgrades

For more information on the Hurricane, or if you have any questions, leave a comment here or click through on the video above.