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The TESTGaming.TV Game Review Scoring Guide:

This article simply serves as a handy guide for understanding TESTGaming.TV’s rating system for PC games.

First of all, we only apply the score system to a game that is feature complete. IE: Betas or release candidates. No alphas or pre-alphas. It is not fair to the developer, even if they have released the game as an alpha, to apply all these metrics to a game that is not feature complete yet.

Second of all, if it is a game with a definitive end, the reviewer owes it to the developer to attempt to play the game to the end. If that is impossible due to game-breaking bugs, the review should reflect that.

In the case of timed demos and previews, we play the entire demo/preview before the review.


Fun Factor and Gameplay:

1 – I was bored.

2 – It was okay, nothing special.

3 – It was engaging and fun for a while.

4 – It was good, can’t wait to play more.

5 – Family? Friends? What’s that? All I care about is this game!


1 – No desire to replay

2 – It might be worth it to see what else I missed

3 – I could see myself playing this again someday.

4 – There’s so much more to do, I plan on going back.

5 – I’m already on another playthrough.


1 – 15 fps or less on average. Don’t bother.

2 – Less than 30fps on average.

3 – 30fps average

4 – 60fps average

5 – 90 or more FPS average

Graphics (taken in the context of developer intent):

1 – Graphics are terrible for the genre/style

2 – Graphics are bad and/or glitchy

3 – Graphics are average

4 – Graphics are above average

5 – Graphics are amazing/mind-blowing/a new industry standard

Sound Design (taken in the context of developer intent):

1 – Sound design is terrible for the genre/style

2 – Sound design is bad and/or glitchy

3 – Sound design are average

4 – Sound design is above average

5 – Sound design is amazing/mind-blowing/a new industry standard

Story (taken in the context of developer intent):

1 – The story was so bad it turned me away from the game.

2 – Despite an attempt to write one, I was unaware a story existed.

3 – The story served it’s purpose.

4 – The story was compelling.

5 – The story drove me to keep playing.

Overall Value:

1 Hour of Gameplay for every dollar spent = 100%

So if you get 6 hours of gameplay for $10 spent, that would be a score of 60%

Expected PC Gaming Features (all pass/fail- 0%, 100%, or NA):

  • FOV Slider exists
  • Fully configurable graphics and sound options
  • Can re-bind controls
  • Borderless Window/Fullscreen Window mode is an option
  • Mouse smoothing and/or acceleration controls
  • Alt-tab possible
  • Unlocked FPS

Final Scoring: take all factors that apply to the game and get a mean from them. IE:

Quality of Game:

Fun Factor and Gameplay: 4

Replayability: 5

Optimization: 3

Graphics: 4

Sound Design: 3

Story: 3

Total of Quality of Game scores: 22/30 = 73%

Quality of Life:

Overall Value: 100%

FOV Slider: 100%

Graphics and Sound options: 100%

Rebind controls: 0%

Borderless Window: 0%

Mouse smoothing: NA

Alt-tab: 100%

Unlocked FPS: 0%

Total Quality of Life Score: 100+100+100+0+0+100/7=57%

Add QOG + QOL scores and get a mean:

Total: 73+57/2 =  Final Score of 65/100


50% or less: Don’t bother.

51-60%: C quality – Might be worth looking at someday.

61-70%: B quality – Wait for the sale.

71-80%: A quality – Worth buying.

81-90%: AA quality – A good deal.

90-99%: AAA quality ¬†– Why don’t you already own it?

100%: Sets a new standard for its genre.