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GameGlass, a interface extension for Star Citizen and more

Anybody can tell you that playing Star Citizen with a mouse and keyboard is not an intuitive experience. The copious number of shortcuts that needs to memorized means that I often find myself recommending people to use HOTAS, Dual Joysticks, or Stream Deck setups to enjoy Star Citizen.

GameGlass is an web app that strives to solve this problem. By navigating to a website on your tablet and installing an app on your computer, GameGlass relays inputs from the tablet to the Star Citizen game client. The developers describe it as a second-screen experience fit for both casual players wanting a easier control scheme and hardcore players looking to deck out their simpits.

GameGlass makes interacting with complex game control systems easy and immersive. Instead of struggling to remember which keyboard key lowers your landing gear, getting it wrong and firing a countermeasure at a space station, you just reach out and tap a clearly labelled button. – GameGlass Indiegogo Campaign

Seems like subscription pricing is everywhere these days.

As with most software releases these days (looking at you EA), the pricing for GameGlass is on the convoluted side. Users can either purchase each control module called “shards” (Flight Systems, Power Distribution, Shields & Combat) a la carte or enroll in a subscription plan that gives you access all shards. With the developers offering a basic module per game however, users should be able to test out if GameGlass works for them before purchase.

To get an idea of what kind of functions will be available, the developers are planning on all aspects of ship flight control schemes, specialized functions like mining, and social modules such as sharing screenshots. There are also talks of a command-and-control (C2) module that should allow fleet commanders to send commands to specific squadrons which I am rather excited about.

On paper, GameGlass seems exactly like the tool we need in a game like Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous. I will be taking a closer look at GameGlass when the pre-alpha build is released later this week. Till then, you can follow their progress and updates via their Indiegogo campaign and Discord server. Interested in helping review this app? We will also be giving away 1 Lifetime license of GameGlass ($149 value through TEST Squadron discord!

[GameGlass Indiegogo Campaign]

[GameGlass Discord]