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How to Set Up Shadow

With Shadow now offering 30 day trials for their cloud PC service, I have taken some time to go over the most optimal way of setting up your Shadow PC so that you experience minimal latency and best picture quality. If you do not currently have a Shadow subscription and would like to support us, use our referral link below and add TESTGG as your promo code to receive $10 off your first month!



Shadow Client

  1. Download and install your Shadow client from this link.
  2. Login & authenticate your PC (first time only).
  3. Click the Advanced Settings to open up more specific options.
  4. Turn off Automatic Bandwidth Configuration and set your bandwidth to something around 80% of your available bandwidth. Do a quick speedtest if you are not sure.
  5. If your allocated bandwidth is less than 30 mbps, I suggest turning on H.265 “Low-Connection-Mode”, it is a video codec optimized for better deliverability. You do need a relatively new CPU (at least 2014). You may also see minimal increase in latency if your CPU is especially weak and struggles to decode the codec. Do not turn on H.265 if your bandwidth is 30 mbps (takes too much processing power with minimal benefits).
  6. Under Optimize Transmissions, set to Prefer Speed option. Later, if your cursor/audio cuts out in use, switch to Prefer Reliability.
  7. Click Start to connect to your Shadow PC for the first time!

Starting Up Your Shadow for the First Time

  1. Upon your first connection, you should see the familiar blue Windows 10 setup screen.
  2. If you hate Cortana just click the microphone button in the lower left to turn off voice control.
  3. Set your Region and Keyboard Layout and then Windows 10 will update to the latest security definitions.
  4. Choose either to use a Microsoft account or offline account. I prefer the latter as you don’t need to login to your cloud PC every time your Shadow starts in the future.
  5. Run through the rest of the Windows setup process choosing to give as much or little of your personal data to Microsoft.
  6. Congratulations your Shadow is up and running!

Post-Setup Steps

  1. Head over to Ninite to create an all-in-one installer for your various apps (Chrome, Firefox, Steam, Discord, etc.).
  2. Download and run your customized Ninite installer.
  3. Once you have ended up installing the necessary apps and games, you need to make sure your streaming quality is optimal for a good experience.
  4. On Desktop, open Shadow Control Panel.
  5. In the lower toolbar, open Stats.
  6. Set your timeframe to maximum and start up a game to see how your Shadow cloud pc performs!
  7. Refer back to your stats to determine if you need to further adjust your streaming settings.
  8. Share your stats + feedback on our forum thread!