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Amazon Game Studio’s New World delayed again

After several shorter delays, Amazon Game Studios announced through the official New World twitter account that they were moving the beta and launch to a much later date.

Currently they are aiming for a spring 2021 release, a massive shift from the August 2020 release they were previously targeting.

News of this delay was met with much disappointment from the gaming community, but ironically enough, the alpha testers of New World, who are amongst the biggest critics of the current state of the game, were the most supportive in this delay.

Some alpha testers we have spoken to were relieved that the game would not be going into beta in its current state. Both the PvE and PvP state of the game needed a lot more polish and content said one of the testers we spoke to.

Overall, this delay is expected to bring a much better first impression and gaming experience according to those who have already been a part of the testing.