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Halo Infinite game play released

With much anticipation, the Halo Infinite gameplay demo video finally hit today with a nostalgic reminder of what it feels like to play Master Chief.

Many are praising the updated graphic, but to be honest, they are pretty much on par with what you would expect a typical 2016 PC game to look like. On that topic, the gameplay we saw in this video linked below was running on PC, and not the Xbox Series X. As mentioned in the a few lines below the video on the official Halo youtube channel:

“Captured real-time and representative of the experience on Xbox Series X running at 60FPS and up to 4K resolution.”

Getting a console to run at 60fps 4K will require some sacrifice in terms of graphic fidelity, but as long as it is smooth, we can overlook that!

The game still looks great, gameplay is familiar, sound effects resonate and guns go boom!

Looking forward to getting in there with all of you!