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Tallneck from Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn, a PC Masterpiece

Not have a PS4, I mostly ignored the release and subsequent praise of Horizon: Zero Dawn during its 2017 release.

However, over the past 80hrs I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the 2020 PC release of what turned out to be the best story driven sandbox experience I have had in many years!

You play as a redheaded protagonist with a mysterious origin story named Aloy. The world around you is unveiled to reveal robotic wildlife, ranging from machines that look and act like herbivores  to apex predators long extinct like a Tyrannosaurus.

Why do these machines exist? Who made them? What is their purpose? What is our purpose?

All these questions are answered through a thrilling, well written plot as our hero fights, ducks and weaves her way through an unforgiving wilderness. The level design is well designed and beautiful laid out through three distinct biomes. Four if you count the interior of a volcano!

There have been some complaints on the PC port about crashes and poor performance, but from my personal experience there have been no issues at all. The game ran smooth, controls were intuitive and frame rates were mostly consistent with the occasional hiccup  during intense fight scenes.

If you ever wanted to kill a giant fire-bear with arrows, you should check out Horizon: Zero Dawn!