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Cyberpunk confirms no microtransactions

Cyberpunk 2077 is on track to release on November 19th, the game is currently in the polishing stage and said be to on schedule.

This title is probably the most anticipated game of 2020. Today the official twitter account for Cyberpunk hit the 1M follower mark, which is a timely way to celebrate what is surely going to be a winner of the Game of The year Award in almost every category.

Over the past week there were some unfounded rumors that Cyberpunk was going to be adding microtransactions to the game. The official twitter account responded to the rumors stating that it was simply not true.

CDPR did go on to explain that there is a separate multiplayer module of Cyberpunk being planned for release in approximately two years that will likely feature some fair microtransactions, most likely cosmetics.

I am eager to get into this game, November can not come soon enough. The multiplayer is just as exciting for me, but that is still a long way out.

For more news on Cyberpunk, there is a live chat and Cyberpunk Forum now running on our Guilded server.