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Bengal Carrier

Star Citizen Invictus Event Adds $13M

Star Citizen has an annual free-fly event in which anybody can download the client and try a large number of ships in the game for free. This event is called Invictus which is an in-game lore celebrating the UEE military fleet, which is why the term fleet week is also used.

The 2021 fleet week coincides with ship sales and new concept ships are often released. This year was no different with the introduction of the Scorpius heavy fighter.

Sales were strong for the Scorpius and other limited ships like the Kraken, for the month of May Star Citizen got an additional $13.4M in funding from new and existing backers.


In addition to the Scorpius making its debut, the biggest flyable ship in the game, the Bengal Carrier also made an appearance!

Bengal Carrier

This was a technological challenge for the devs at CIG as the Bengal needed to brought up to current standards and be optimized to the point where it could be spawned into the server without completely destroying frame rates.

The Bengal Carrier will serve as end-game content where player orgs will battle for ownership of these rare ships. Only a handful of these will exist in the final game, making them a rare and valuable commodity to project power or defend resources.

Overall the event was a huge success and judging by the funding, well received by both new and existing players.