TEST Gaming is an open and diverse striving to be the best gaming community in the world. Boasting and active community, competitive eSports teams, and wide-reaching influencer netowork, we aim to the be one-stop community for all things gaming-related.

Star Citizen

Join the ‘verse with the backing of the Star Citizen’s largest and most active organization! Be the hunter instead of the prey and if all else fails call down the Aurora Rain to devastate your enemies.

From the casual weekend warrior, to the serious 70 hrs/week hardcore gamer, TEST Squadron is here to cater to YOUR needs as a gamer looking to get the most of out Star Citizen! We plan to engage in ALL aspects of Star Citizen and look forward to having you with us!

TEST Squadron was founded on October 30, 2013 between Montoya and Citizen404. Predating the official introduction of organizations by CIG by more than a year, TEST Squadron is and always has been a thriving community.

A Guilded Team

TEST Gaming has also partnered with Guilded in order to support various other fledgling communities that we currently manage. Using the Guilded platform allows us help manage these smaller communities until they mature to a point where we can set them up to be an independent community.

TEST Gaming has been utilizing the Guilded platform since August 7, 2018. With Guilded still being in early beta, TEST Gaming has provided close feedback and QA support for the Guilded team.