TEST Gaming is an open and diverse striving to be the best gaming community in the world. Boasting and active community, competitive eSports teams, and wide-reaching influencer netowork, we aim to the be one-stop community for all things gaming-related.

TEST Gaming Partner Program

Whether you are a new content creator or a vet, we know firsthand how difficult it is for you to keep your community active and continue growing. This is why we came up with the TEST Gaming Partner Network to lend a friendly hand to such endeavors.

Exclusive Perks for Our Partners

A loving community

Kickstart your growth by joining our already existing community.

Access to our 24/7 live game servers

Running a game server is expensive and time-consuming, just simply use ours!

Become a top-tier influencer

Leverage our community’s contacts to become a more effective influencer.

Email newsletter access

Access to our newsletter platform to better engage with your community.

Gleam giveaway platform access

Run effective giveaways and grow your brand through our Gleam account!

Free beer!

Meet us at any physical event like Pax or Twitchcon and we will buy you a free drink!

Our Partners

Content Creators

Captain Richard

Twitch Partner

Mr. Hasgaha

YouTuber / Screenshotter

Texas Skulls

Twitch Partner


Twitch Partner

The Astro Pub

Twitch Partner






TEST Gaming

Various Games


What do we look for in our partners?

We look for driven, passionate content creators hailing from the entire gaming spectrum. Individuals should view putting out content not as a just a job, but as a hobby that they truly enjoy.

Do you guys have any strict requirements for becoming partner?

Nope! We can accept a new creator, while not being open to some of the bigger content creators out there!

Will you take a share of my revenue from content creation?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This partner program was designed to be altruistic and provide no tangible benefits to TEST Gaming. We designed this outreach program because we find that our community loves being exposed to new, diverse content creators out there.

What are you
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